“I have always been leery of social media when it comes to my kids, but with Hub World and the closed Private Social Network, I know my kids are safe. Only registered owners of the Life Hub® Learning Center can access Hub World, and with the ability to customize my parental controls, I can limit or restrict access and see all their communications. Kids want to be social, and Life Hub® truly takes a weight off my mind!”

Hub World - Private Social Network

Hub World is a private social network exclusively for Life Hub® children only. Hub World is built on the balance of entertainment, expression, experience, education, and engagement without potentially dangerous exposure to inappropriate content and unknown users. It’s children social networking in the safest possible way.

Hub World is a unique and safe alternative to other social networks because it is built with safety, education, and age-appropriate fun in mind. Hub World enables children to share their financial and business activities, goals, accomplishments, stories and their lives with all their friends and family—it has all the traditional features of other mainstream social networks such as creating profiles, friending, chatting, comments, likes, and photo and video posting. Hub World also features educational games and apps, virtual gifts, and educational contests with other Life Hub® children.

The Life Hub® Learning Center Empowers Children to Network with Other Children with the Focus on Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Life

With the Life Hub® Learning Center’s Hub World Social Network, your children learn:

  • How to create and effectively manage their public profile
  • How to share their life experiences with friends, family, other kids (in their city or around the country) in a fun, exciting, and safe way
  • How to promote themselves and their business to friends, family, and other kids while at the same time acquiring critical social and communication skills

Hub World is a private social network which means it’s exclusive to children who own Life Hub® Learning Centers. This automatically creates a closed network of known and registered users. Most importantly, all children’s activities on Hub World can be easily monitored by parents through powerful monitoring technology that is accessible via web-based and a mobile app service,  resulting in the world’s safest social network for children.


Life Hub grows with your child starting as young as 3 years old with tools and activities based on age-appropriate learning.
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