“If there’s one thing all kids love, it’s games: computer and video games, board games, social media games … it’s likely your kids spend a good deal of time playing, or seeking new games. Life Hub® Learning Center makes the most of that time with fun, engaging educational games. Let’s face it, fun is one of the best ways to get your kids excited about learning and with Life Hub®, they’re learning their way toward mastering money management!”

Educational Games

The Life Hub® Learning Center’s educational games are the perfect balance of learning and entertainment. Educational games are a powerful learning tool, especially when combined with the other exploratory and real life, hands-on activities the Life Hub® Learning Center provides. Our interactive learning games—primarily focused on math, money, finance, business, and life skills—improve social and interpersonal skills by encouraging teamwork and communication between your kids and their peers. Children must negotiate sets of rules and follow directions—helping them develop conflict resolution and mediation skills—to successfully play the games, all while competing in a safe and healthy environment. It’s just another way Life Hub® uses fun, interactive methods of teaching kids all the tools they’ll need to succeed in the money management and business world.

Life Hub® Learning Center Teaches Kids with Educational Games They’ll Love

With the Life Hub’s® Educational Games module, your kids learn:

  • How to navigate a complex, interconnected, and rapidly changing world
  • How to organize missions and quests, focusing on multifaceted challenges that may have more than one correct answer
  • How to explore different solutions by making choices along the way

It may not technically be a muscle, but your child’s brain will receive regular workouts with our educational games. When they play, kids are constantly learning and being challenged by the goal of advancing to higher levels within the games. And parents, you get instant feedback via scores, that can help you determine how well your kids understand what the games are trying to teach.

Life Hub grows with your child starting as young as 3 years old with tools and activities based on age-appropriate learning.
See the tools your child will learn with by selecting your child’s age: