“Lola, like most of her friends, loves to learn and play and the educational apps we use on the Life Hub® Learning Center are a blessing. Lola gets to do what she loves and have fun doing it, and I feel good knowing she’s learning about money, life skills, and positive behaviors.”

Educational Apps

If there’s one thing all kids love, it’s games: computer games, video games, and social media games. It’s likely your kids spend a good deal of time both playing and looking for new apps. The Life Hub® Learning Center offers great learning games for kids by making the most of their desire to play. Our educational apps teach while also being fun and engaging. It’s a surefire way to get your kids excited about learning and on the road to mastering money management—without even knowing they’re doing it!

Life Hub® Learning Center Teaches Kids with Educational Apps They’ll Love

With the Life Hub® Learning Center Educational Apps module, your kids learn:

  • From a large library of entertaining, interactive apps
  • Life skills, responsibility, positive behaviors, and philanthropy
  • Progressively more complex skills in finance, money management, and business
  • That they can have a blast learning something new

Sometimes your kids just want to have fun; it’s important that what they’re learning engages them so they keep coming back for more. Our educational apps are designed using scientifically-proven methods of teaching kids money management skills. Now you don’t have to worry that your kids are wasting time playing video games. Instead, you’ll know they’re learning financial skills that will benefit them their entire life. Beat that, Pokémon Go!

Life Hub grows with your child starting as young as 3 years old with tools and activities based on age-appropriate learning.
See the tools your child will learn with by selecting your child’s age: