Why The Life Hub


What can we do to make sure your children transition into financially capable and entrepreneurial adults who will be prepared to take on the complex world?

We get them engaged to interact, explore, discover, probe, manage and learn at a young age to form good life and money habits.

We get them earning, saving and managing real money so they see that pile of money grow everyday. It’s so motivating.

We have to let them fail so they learn from mistakes. Experimenting in a safe-to-fail environment at home is critical to their lives.

Family members must all participate. Young children are inspired when they see older siblings and even mom are also engaging.

We keep them engaged and learning on a daily and consistent basis, throughout those critical early years. It’s all about repetition and consistency.

Succeeding with finances and business requires many of the same skills. We inspire them to get involved in entrepreneurship to develop skills.

Children like to do grown up things, so the engagement is fun and exciting but not treated as a novelty or a game, but a necessity.

We equip them with today’s most advanced technology to bridge that critical gap between knowledge and practical learning. That’s crucial.

And now parents have the most advanced technology to help them do just that

The features and functions of the revolutionary Life Hub Learning Center