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Why We Do What We Do

At Electus Global Education Co., we are an innovative and pioneering organization focused on one central objective – to ensure children transition into financially capable and entrepreneurial adults. We’re achieving this by revolutionizing the way children learn money management, entrepreneurship and life management skills. Our very existence revolves around two words:

Innovate. Transfer.

These two words encompass everything we do, from experiential educational innovation, to knowledge and skills transfer, to apparatus and system design, to business development and user servicing, to quality assurance. These words are the fabric and foundation of our work. We innovate and then transfer that into revolutionary products and services that make a consequential difference to how we educate children.

Our mantra is who we are; we live and breathe it every single day with the sole purpose of improving the lives of children today so they can ensure a better life for themselves and secure their future.

We provide a unique and progressive educational approach and experience for children because we believe that they need to be taught how to think rather than what to think. We believe that within every child lies an inherent potential that needs to be nurtured and cultivated. Providing an engaging way for kids to learn how to learn and behave financially and professionally, and consequently instilling a habit of learning, is the cornerstone of the education that we deliver. We’re preparing children for our rapidly changing world by equipping them with critical thinking skills, practical real-world readiness, valuable knowledge, a global perspective, and an understanding and respect for core values.

A Focused Mission

We see our mission to help kids achieve independence, professional and life success as our obligation. The purpose of our existence is to perpetually incubate, cultivate, and generate future generations of leaders, creators, thinkers, and innovators who can meet the social and economic challenges in the 21st century.

Linked with our commitment to globally providing effective financial and entrepreneurship education to youth around the world, is the vision to foster the inner moral compasses of children. Our ground-breaking hardware and software technology help open kids up to larger issues like community engagement and giving back. This understanding provides balance to children and empowers them to take charge of their choices and actions and guides them through personal and professional challenges.

When they have the education and knowledge, and are empowered to act upon it, kids grow to exhibit independence, capability, and confidence as brilliant young adults. It’s only through effectively educating our children that the future of our world can be impacted and transformed.

Always Looking Forward

In our quest for excellence, we embrace the challenge to remain at the forefront of educational changes, innovations, and progress with continuous improvement in experiential teaching and learning techniques as well as leading-edge technologies.

Our technologies and processes present an opportunity to broaden horizons and facilitate the building of knowledge, skills, and responsible behaviors in an effortless, inspirational, and enjoyable manner. We strongly believe that this creates a new realm in education resulting in fun, meaningful, and effective learning. We distinguish ourselves by delivering cutting-edge strategies, innovative techniques, and robust real-world practical education to make the learning process fun and measurable, skills easily attainable, and positive habits and behaviors permanent.

With your support, we can continuously strive to raise the bar of excellence as we mold young minds with sound character traits, wide knowledge, superb skills, and clarity of thought with the courage and determination to succeed.

We innovate.  We transfer.  We are Team Electus.

The Life Hub® Learning Center must be in every household
with children!

As parents, you want to give your children every possible opportunity to prosper and succeed in life.

What many of us don’t realize is that our children are missing one of the most critical learning objectives needed to achieve that success in life – Financial and Entrepreneurship Education.


  • Because of the sheer level of complexity of the world we live in today.
  • It’s no longer just about the national economy. We are one global economy now and competition is fierce.
  • Traditional education is no longer enough. Technology is changing everything and we must harness it.

How Important is Financial Education?

It must be Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Financial Education!

Because the world is so complex and competitive today, the same amount of time and effort given to teaching your children to read should be given to teach them how to become financially capable.

Aren’t schools teaching my children Financial Literacy?

  • Some are, and those that do, are barely scratching the surface with respect to effectiveness
  • Schools are only required to teach Financial Literacy four times over a 13-year span from Kindergarten to Graduation, nowhere near the time commitment needed for it to be effective
  • Schools are theory-based and brief encounters with knowledge acquisition only with no practical application
Teaching children financial literacy and money management skills in the classroom is a little like someone trying to learn how to drive a car by reading a manual. It simply will not work. In order for children to learn how to manage money effectively, they need to start engaging with real money beginning at a very young age.
Laura Ewing - Chief Executive Officer, Texas Council of Economic Education

What can parents do to make sure their children transition into financially capable and entrepreneurial adults?

Get them engaged to interact, explore, discover, probe, manage and learn at a young age to form good money habits.

They have to earn, save and manage real money so they see that pile of real money grow everyday. It’s motivating.

You have to let them fail so they learn from mistakes. Experimenting in a safe-to-fail environment at home is critcial.

Family members must all participate. Young kids are inspired when they see mom and older siblings also engaging.

Parents must keep them engaged and learning on a daily and consistant basis, throughout those critical early years.

Succeeding in finance and business requires many of the same skills. Get them involved in entrepreneurship too.

Kids like to do grown up things. Engagement must be fun but not treated as a novelty, but a necessity.

Use today’s most advanced technology to bridge the gap between knowledge and practical learning. That’s crucial.

And now parents have that powerful technology to help them do just that

The Life Hub® Learning Center is revolutionary youth financial and entrepreneurship
education technology

A powerful technology designed to teach children financial capability and entrepreneurship in
a totally breakthrough way

This is our Revolutionary Formula


Life Hub grows with your child starting as young as 3 years old with tools and activities based on age-appropriate learning.
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