“Jessica loves saving money at home. She took money out her Life Hub® Learning Center savings to go get ice cream with her best friend Julie.”


Taking out their own money and spending it on something they want is thrilling for your kids. It can be so exciting that they lose sight of their savings goals and the fact that once that money is spent, it’s gone. With the Life Hub® Learning Center, it’s fast and easy for them to take out money and register the withdrawal so that you and your kids can track where every penny is going. Whether your kids are saving for toys, a car, college, or your next family vacation, Life Hub® Learning Center will help ensure they reach their goals … and have fun doing it.

Life Hub® Learning Center Teaches Kids to Withdraw Money and Track It

With the Life Hub® Learning Center Withdraw module, your kids learn:

  • How to withdraw all forms of money
  • How to make notes about where the money from each transaction is going
  • How to track spending habits and patterns with easy-to-use reports

Once your children get in the habit of tracking each withdrawal, they and even you, may be surprised at how much they’re spending on one category or another. Sound familiar? We’ve all been shocked at some point by how much we spent on something once we saw it on a bank or credit card statement. How great would it be if your kids could master withdrawing and spending money wisely now, before they even graduate from middle school or high school?

You and your children can run reports and review the data to help predict future patterns and allow you to see where improvements can be made. Another important feature about the withdrawal module, is the security feature!  You must be logged in to your account with your password in order to release the individual locking mechanism.  This means that brothers and sisters cant take each others monies, and mom or dad can’t “borrow” $10 for a fancy coffee!