“On the Life Hub® Learning Center, my daughter has learned how to shop around, compare prices and even bargain with retailers to get the best prices for things she’s been saving for. She has also learned how to allocate savings and set goals to buy things she wants.  She saved so much money on the bracelet she purchased, that she was able to buy one for me as well. I absolutely love it!”


Think back to the last fad or trend your kids loved. Maybe it was a video game, a toy, the latest electronic gadget, clothes, or must-have sneakers. You want your kids to have everything … but you know, that just giving them what they want doesn’t help them learn the value of things or to appreciate the effort it takes to earn and save monies. That’s actually great news, because the Life Hub® Learning Center takes your kids’ passion for the “latest and greatest” and uses it to teach them valuable lessons on the value of money and wise shopping habits.

Life Hub® Learning Center Teaches Kids Smart Shopping Habits

With the Life Hub® Learning Center Shopping module, your kids will learn:

  • How to allocate a portion of their money for shopping
  • How to set savings goals for shopping expenditures
  • The value of delaying gratification, a cornerstone of responsible consumerism
  • How to shop their favorite retailers with just the money they’ve saved
  • How to compare prices, search for discounts and ensure they’re making the most of their shopping dollars

Best of all, as a parent, you’ll have complete control of the shopping activities your kids can access, plus you can monitor them in real time via your Life Hub® smartphone app.  Just think of all of the time you listened with envy, as someone told you about a great deal they found or how they saved monies to make a big purchase and ended up debt-free. Being a smart shopper gives your kids a huge advantage in the real world, as they can price watch and receive alerts when items go on sale. Your kids can use Life Hub® Learning Center to learn all that now … then they’ll be the ones amazing their friends and family with their tales of expert shopping.