“My son is already preparing for his retirement—and college—by learning about investments and how to buy and sell stocks. I’m excited at the thought that his actions today may be what helps him attend the University of choice when he graduates from high school. He’s actually told me that he will invest enough money now so that he can sell all his stock later to pay for his college. I love this kid.”


Your kids just saw The Avengers and now they want to own part of that franchise so wouldn’t it be awesome for them to buy a few shares of Disney with just a couple of clicks? With the Life Hub® Learning Center, your kids learn all about the stock market, investing and how to buy and sell stocks.   We have created a platform that is easy to learn and use with a suite of modules that includes demo trading platform to learn first and then a real trading platform with real-time stock quotes to buy and sell actual stocks like Disney, Nike and McDonald’s. With our demo trading platform, they will learn and practice trading with real stocks using virtual money. The module also includes a real trading platform for them to buy and sell real stocks and invest in their favorite companies. You and your children can track companies progress with real-time stock quotes. The earlier your children learn about investing, tangible assets, and real estate, the more prepared they will be the financial world.  At a very young age your children will learn what it means to create “personal net worth”.

Life Hub® Learning Center Teaches Stock Investing for Kids

With the Life Hub® Learning Center Investment module, your kids learn:

  • About the stock market and how it works
  • How to buy and sell stocks via a virtual demo platform to practice what they learn
  • How to put what they learn into action with a real trading platform (with parental consent) that contains real-time stock quotes so your kids can buy and sell actual stocks like Disney, Nike, McDonald’s, and others
  • Other forms of tangible assets that are also investments.  They can also learn through our Real Estate Investment platform about home buyer programs and working with banks to purchase homes at below market value

We attempt to generate real world applications/platforms so that when children invest in stocks or other investment vehicles, they may generate enough money to assist them in purchasing a car in the future or assist in paying for higher education without having to borrow monies and be debt ridden at a young age. Your kids learn how their actions now, with patience and thoughtful strategy, can later result in substantial earnings and savings.