I was so excited that the Life Hub Learning Center came with 4 Hub money chambers. Each of my three children have their own account and my husband and I have joined the kids in saving money. Everyone is getting to see their money grow and it is even creating some friendly competition in the house.  With the secure locking mechanism and the password protection required to access or release the money everyone knows their money is safe!”


You opened a savings account to teach your children about money, and that’s a great start. However, it’s difficult for children to learn about banking and the value of saving by simply giving money to a bank teller. With Life Hub® Learning Center at home, your kids don’t have to make complicated leaps in logic and draw conclusions about saving. When they deposit money into their Life Hub® Learning Center, they’re instantly rewarded with entertaining animations and a dazzling show as the money chambers light up. It’s the perfect way to inspire your young children to continue depositing, saving, and learning as they grow.

As your children get older they will still love depositing their money into the Life Hub® Learning Center.  They may have outgrown the need for animations but they will have learned the importance of saving and watching their money grow.  This is just another feature that allows the Life Hub® Learning Center to grow with your child.  Through the parental controls you can easily customize the modules for each of your children.  The Life Hub® Learning Center is designed for multiple  users in the same household and all of the modules can be personalized to your child’s uniqueness, age and or learning ability.

Life Hub Learning Center Teaches Kids How to Make Deposits

With the Life Hub Learning Center deposit module, your kids learn:

  • How to deposit coins, bills, checks, and even IOUs
  • How to allocate their deposits for various uses, such as Bills/Bill paying, Banking, Shopping, Investments, Gifts, Charities, Rainy Days, Vacations, Cars, College, Events, and more!
  • How to track where their money is coming from and where it’s going
  • Run reports that will itemize spending and savings patterns

Children will withdraw from their Life Hub Learning Center and bring their deposits to the bank.  Additionally, children will build a relationship with their Bank/Banker and learn about Banking services that are available for them! This will provide a solid base to begin their financial literacy.