“Twice a month, Michael withdraws money from his Life Hub® Learning Center account. He loves taking it to the bank and I love that he’s already learning how to handle money and banking!”


When your children watch you do your banking, either manually or online, they probably think this is pretty exciting in that is very “adult” like and it involves MONEY!  Why not give your kids the money management knowledge they need to succeed by taking advantage of that excitement to teach them about banking? Life Hub® Learning Center provides a central location for your kids to manage their banking activities in a way that teaches them all about banking while also being fun and engaging.

Life Hub™ Learning Center Teaches Banking to Kids

With the Life Hub® Learning Center Banking module, your kids learn:

  • About the monetary system and banking services and how to use them to their benefit
  • How to build solid, healthy relationships with banks and money
  • About different types of accounts and lines of credit

Taking your kids to the bank a couple times a month with the coins and cash they’ve saved in their Life Hub™ Learning Center is the best way for them to truly understand money and banking. Not only does Life Hub™ Learning Center provide them with a central location to conduct and track all their banking activities, it also makes it fun and inspiring. That’s vital to keeping them engaged in the learning process and to set them up for a lifetime of financial success.

Your children will be able to learn what it means to create a “net worth”  at a very young age.  They can see at a glance how much money they have in each of their accounts (life hub, savings, 529 college savings and more). It is important for children to learn to have a positive relationship with banks while making educated decisions and choices.