Money Management

The Life Hub Learning Center’s suite of Money Management tools and modules provide your children with the most comprehensive and in-depth real-world learning engagements, activities and experiences. With the hands-on money management tools included with the Life Hub, your children learn how to:

  • Deposit and withdraw money
  • Manage spending
  • Banking
  • Invest in stocks, bonds and real estate
  • Set and manage goals
  • Learn fact about money and finances
  • Seek Financial advice
  • Shop Responsibly
  • Consume wisely
  • Basic personal accounting
  • Negotiate prices
  • Bargain shop
  • Collect their favorite educational content
  • And so much more!

Using all the money management tools in their Life Hub Learning Center will provide your children with invaluable practical, knowledge, life management skills that will help guide them to a financially stable and successful adulthood. Check out what each module and how they benefit your children in details below.

The Money Management Modules


Children often have questions that parents can’t answer so Advisor provides them near real-time communication access to an approved and registered network of experts on topics such as personal finance, money management and life in general. Advisor is children’s private advisory service that is monitored by parents. Read More


There’s so much good educational media that children can consume today and managing it from different places can be difficult for them. Media is centralized personal digital library that provides curation, access and storage for all their digital magazines, books, videos, money and business literature, Hub magazine and news. Read More


With finance and business, there are so many concepts, facts and information for children to learn and Knowledge is the place for them to go for that. It is an expensive library of curated resources on all things personal finance and money management like the monetary system, world currencies, banking and stock market. Read More


Children learn about the stock market and investing in stocks and bonds. They practice buying and selling stocks with virtual money first and then can trade real stocks and bonds under their parent’s supervision. They can neatly store all their statements in one place and view all the funds they have allocated for investing. Read More


Children have a suite of shopping tools that enable them to link up with their favorite retailers, negotiate prices and bargain, register savings goals to buy products, group shop with other Life Hub® children for better pricing and manage all their shopping from one central place. Reports are created for all their spending and shopping. Read More


Children set goals for just about anything they want in life whether it be for buying things, a vacation to Disney, finishing a school project early, raising a set amount for charity or college tuition, etc. Life Hub will reinforce and reward children for setting and achieving goals. Read More


With a built-in coin acceptor and bill recognition software, children deposit coins, cash, checks and IOUs into their Life Hub® account and allocate the money to customizable categories and savings goals. They can also source the funds, detailing how and from where they obtained the money. All that data and information is viewed on Reports. Read More


Children can make a quick or detailed withdrawal of coins, bills, checks and IOUs and register the transactions with a few clicks. They track how they’re spending their money by allocating each withdrawal to an expense category and make notes with a notepad for each withdrawal. All that data and information can be viewed on Reports. Read More


Children learn about banking and managing savings and checking accounts. They can create demo accounts or sign up to open real bank accounts with their favorite bank and neatly store their statements in one place. They access their combined Hub and bank balances and see the funds that they have allocated for bank deposit. Read More

Hub Academy

Hub Academy is a global marketplace for your children to access an extensive library of financial literacy courses, syllabuses, curriculums, programs, resources, apps, books and literature as well as information on industry camps and events. Think of Hub Academy as a place under one roof where all the schools, educators and industry experts who teach youth financial literacy come together to make available their educational products and services exclusively for Life Hub® children. Hub Academy is a global classroom for all things youth financial literacy education. Read More

The Skills Your Kids Will Acquire