“My son decided to join Scouts Program, and he has been able to make new friends that live nearby, and with those with similar interests.  He is excited to be going on a camping trip, with his Troop this weekend.”


With modules like Charities, Volunteer and Join, your children can get involved in their communities.  They can make friends that have similar interests and hopefully enjoy doing things together which they are passionate about. Getting involved with others at an early age will develop positive behaviors, social skills, team building skills and hopefully a philanthropic belief.

Life Hub® Learning Center Teaches Kids about Joining Groups

With the Life Hub® Learning Center Join module, your kids can:

  • Search out local organizations and groups that they can join based on their age
  • Meet like minded children with similar passions and interests
  • Learn team building skills and develop leadership skills

When your kids join local civic organizations, it gives them an opportunity to connect with children who have the same interests.  They will learn to work as a team, set and achieve goals individually and as a group, and develop skills that will become a great leader. They will also further their development of philanthropic activities by participating in charitable and fund raising activities as well as volunteering in common interest groups.

Life Hub grows with your child starting as young as 3 years old with tools and activities based on age-appropriate learning.
See the tools your child will learn with by selecting your child’s age: