“Suddenly, getting my kids to do their chores is a breeze! As a parent, I can send a chore assignment through my Life Hub® mobile app and my kids are notified instantly and are excited to earn life points, rewards, or cash for her work.”


Be honest — how many systems, charts, programs, tips and tricks have you tried to get your kids to do their chores without a hassle? Imagine you’re shopping and remember that you need a chore done before you get home. You assign the chore(s) to your kids via your smartphone and come home to find they’ve actually been done. That’s exactly what Life Hub® Learning Center Chore module does: It’s like a chore app for kids with no fuss, no muss. Thanks to a simple, rewarding points system that your kids will love, they’ll actually be eager to perform chores.

Life Hub® Learning Center Teaches Kids to Enjoy Performing Chores and Reaping the Rewards

With the Life Hub® Learning Center Chores module, your kids learn:

  • The value of hard work — the more effort they put in, the more rewards they earn
  • How to view chores you’ve assigned, and what points, reward, or cash (you control what they earn) they’ll receive for completing them
  • How to report the completion of their chores
  • How to track how much they’ve done and earned using simple reporting and statistical data

Having to only ask once and have a chore completed seems too good to be true. And that’s exactly why the chore app for kids is a consistent favorite with parents. Once your kids see the value of their work, they’re eager to contribute more … and more quickly.

As they grow and start jobs in the real world, your kids will be head and shoulders above the competition. There’s nothing more valuable to an employer than an employee who knows the value of hard work—and that translates to exponentially more earning potential for your Life Hub®-educated kids.

Life Hub grows with your child starting as young as 3 years old with tools and activities based on age-appropriate learning.
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