Suite of Life Skills Modules

Good grades and superior academics are important and to be celebrated. But Life Skills are the foundation to a child’s future success. The Life Hub® Learning Center allows children to learn the way they learn best, by actually doing. With our all-inclusive system of tools, your children will begin to develop a regular sense of accomplishment by learning responsibility. With hands-on life skills tools, your children will learn how to:

The Life Hub Life Skills tools integrate with the classroom, where children connect directly with their school and teachers to perform and manage their financial literacy homework assignments and real-world challenges. Parents or parent educators can use the Life Hub Learning Center to create lesson plans or assign topics from our library for your children to complete. This allows parents to be actively involved and ensures that their children are receiving the education needed to become not just financially literate, but financially capable and successful as they grow into adulthood.

Children learn how to
  • Manage chore assignments
  • Donate to charitable organizations
  • Volunteer at local organizations
  • Join civic groups
  • Manage loyalty and rewards programs
  • Manage homework assignments


The Life Skills Modules


This module empowers children to perform and manage their chore assignments efficiently and easily. Parents assign the chores via the Life Hub mobile app and children are notified and are responsible to complete the chore. They learn early about actions, consequences and rewards. Read More


Rewarding your children for work well done is an important tool for developing a multitude of crucial life skills and strong mental acuity. Your children earn monetary and non-monetary rewards for numerous activities, jobs, and tasks performed and managed well. Read More


Whether they’re traditionally educated or home schooled, your children can easily manage their financial literacy and entrepreneurship homework assignments, and enjoy themselves while doing it. Children manage school money, business challenges and tasks from one central location. Read More


Your kids learn the importance of philanthropy, giving back to their community and helping those in need as well as how to allocate savings for charity. They can search for favorite charities, register new charities, donate cash and items, and easily schedule pickups for donations. Read More


The Volunteer module provides easy-to-use tools for your kids to connect with local nonprofits to donate time and talents. Your kids register with the non-profit organization(s) of their choice and manage all the jobs assignments efficiently and responsibly—and they’ll feel great doing it! Read More


Join is a module that enables your kids to join local civic and youth organizations and then efficiently manage those activities. They learn how to improve their community while developing themselves and their capacity to become agents of change. Read More

Life Skills Children Acquire