We have more than one child in our household

That’s great!  The Life Hub® Learning Center can service up to 4 users within the household. Your Life Hub® Learning Center comes with 4 separate “colored translucent money storage chambers with a terrific built-in lighting system” – we call them Hub Banks. This allows 4 children or 3 children and mom or dad to have their own personal user account and profile. Multi-user engagement makes the Life Hub® Learning Center a family affair, spurs engagement and conversation about money, finances and even healthy inter-household competition to save money, start businesses and build wealth. The Life Hub® Learning Center is also designed for something else; peer-induced motivation. Because it’s innovatively designed as a multi-user system, younger children will be motivated to engage and save when they see their older siblings and parents also engage and save – hence peer-induced-motivation.

With the Life Hub® Parental Control tools, you will be able to personalize a profile for each of your children for any ages from 3 -14. The sophisticated eco-system of financial, business and life management software modules has a customized set of training tracks, games, and apps for each age.

Is their money safe? Can they take each other’s money out of the Hub Banks?

With the Hub Bank’s patented custom locking mechanism, siblings cannot take money from a Hub Bank that’s not theirs. Releasing the Hub Bank from the lock requires your child to enter their personal password, facial and/or voice recognition access be triggered. Passwords can be a series of numbers, pictures or swipe pattern.  And with the patented built-in coin acceptor and bill recognition system, your children will always know how much is in their account.

I have 3 children, so how can they all use the same system? Will it be too hard for my little one or too easy for another?

No, that is what’s so great about the Life Hub® Learning Center and its powerful educational platform. We have included something for everyone with age-appropriate activities, interface and graphics.

Your preschooler will enter “Hub Town Square” with their avatar and head down the path to Home, School or the Bank and can complete fun activities, listen to stories, color-sketch, play money games or use fun educational apps and learn all about money, being responsible and developing crucial life skills.

Your 7-year-old will enter Hub Town, and their town now has a Library and a Community Center and more challenging activities, educational games and more modules and apps to learn and have fun with.

Your teen or tween will be far advanced from the Hub Town environment so we’ve created something just for them with a completely different interface and graphics. Your tweens and teens can learn how to start and market businesses, create websites, barter unwanted personal items, shop online with the money they’ve saved, launch crowdfunding campaigns, manage job assignments and many other activities that are educational yet fun. They also learn about online marketing and how social media works for their business.

Every element, module, feature and tool of the Life Hub® Learning Center was painstakingly and thoughtfully developed and created with the goal of providing your children with the best and most powerful learning system that delivers results for your children. We have left nothing out – child psychology, intuitive learning, blended learning, seven learning methods, seven learning preferences and academic science are all the major design factors incorporated that make up the Life Hub® Learning Center. Your children can embark on their own journeys to become financially capable and unlock their entrepreneurial spirit—all with one shared Life Hub® Learning Center within the household.

The Life Hub® Learning Center- was innovatively designed to be “the center of your children’s lives”, a companion that is used to manage their lives easily and efficiently, growing with them and the family with all its customizable features, functions, tools and training tracks.

It is every parent’s wish to provide the best for their children and that includes giving them the best educational tools that will ultimately help them develop the behaviors, skills and knowledge that is needed to prepare for the future in this complex world – your investment known as The Life Hub® Learning Center will reap rewards for your children that is incalculable.