Learning Analytics

Learning analytics is the measurement, analysis, and reporting of data and information that covers children’s progress in learning and absorbing financial and business concepts, acquiring positive financial habits and behaviors, business acumen and life skills.

The Life Hub Learning Center’s learning analytics analyzes children’s engagements, activities and learning and provides parents with the most holistic and complete insight into their children’s progress, failures and successes. Parents can use the reporting and analytics to determine how your children best learn, see where they’re breezing through activities or where they may be failing to grasp certain concepts or performing certain tasks. Parents can then take action and provide additional help and guidance in the areas in which the child is struggling.

Predictive Technology

Predictive Analytics are tools that can analyze and discover patterns in usage and performance data so that past behavior can be used to forecast likely future behavior.

The Life Hub Learning Center’s powerful built-in predictive analytics technology provides parents with the ability to forecast their children’s future performances and behaviors based on their past performance and behaviors with respect to money management, entrepreneurship and life management. This is accomplished via an analysis in children’s usage, engagement frequency, success and failure statistics, knowledge and skills acquisition.

This is an industry first.

Valuable Insight

Providing parents with valuable insight as to how their children learn and apply money management, entrepreneurial thinking, and life skills allows them to access and anticipate their children’s future successes, and see how they might perform in the real-world as young adults.

It empowers parents to be proactive and forward looking, able to anticipate outcomes and behaviors based upon actual experience versus hunches or guesses. Parents will be able to see where their children may be at risk, and help guide them back to a stable and prepped-for success position.

Useful Data

Parents can view all available data about their children in real-time with recommended actions that can significantly improve the likelihood of their children going out into the world to become successful adults.

With The Life Hub mobile app, parents can follow their children’s educational performance, progress, successes and failures in real-time. Parents will be able to see the minute their children falter or veer of course, and can help identify problems before they develop into bad behaviors and habits that may have long-reaching consequences.