Elementary Aged Children

Modules for Children Aged 6 to 10 Years

By now your children have started school and are reading and writing and with that you can open their learning on the Life Hub to even more modules. They understand about completing chores, depositing and saving money at home, and now it’s time to learn about banking, and having them open their own bank account at a preferred Life Hub Bank Partner.  At this age, they’ll begin to have access to the Shopping, Charities and Join modules. They’ll learn how to set goals and achieve them. As a parent, you can run reports and track your child’s progress. With the school module, you can sync directly with their school and receive homework alerts. They can now start communicating on Hub Chat, Hub Messenger, and Hubbers World, as well as create boards and to-do lists in Hub Note and My Life. Your children will now begin to learn how to turn chores and interests into jobs, how to start a business and make money doing what interests them. Our powerful educational system makes learning how to correctly manage money and businesses rewarding and efficient – for both children and parents.

How We Engage Children Aged 6 to 10 Years
  • Built in- All inclusive learning tools- nothing to add on or buy straight out of the box!
  • Simple, easy to use parental controls. You determine what your child has access to and when they are ready to expand their learning for more.
  • Independent learning or time together- either way your child will learn and grow with a fun set of activities.
  • Fully customizable means each of your children can learn at their own pace with personalized learning. One size really does fit all!
  • Built-in security features and locking chambers means their money is safe at home – even from mischievous siblings!
  • Even you can join in the fun by setting up their own accounts, and working with their children to reinforce the importance of saving money.

Modules for children aged 6 to 10 years