Pre-School Aged Children

Modules for Children Aged 3 to  5 Years

Children benefit from learning about money as early as age 3—recommended by experts. They can start working towards their first car and college tuition right away! Our powerful educational system meets kids where they are, using fun and humorous colorful animations, games, light shows, and graphics scientifically designed to engage and inspire them. Depositing money becomes an exciting activity and they’ll want to do it more and more, which means they’re learning to save money—and see it grow—at a very early age. Additionaly with our rewards system, these preschoolers will already understand that completing a chore has its reward, which helps them develop a work ethic that will serve them their whole lives. They’ll learn important foundational skills that will start their financial education as early as possible.

How We Engage Children Aged 3 to 5 Years
  • Built in- All inclusive learning tools- nothing to add on or buy straight out of the box!
  • Simple, easy to use parental controls. You determine what your child has access to and when they are ready to expand their learning for more.
  • Independent learning or time together- either way your child will learn and grow with a fun set of activities.
  • Fully customizable means each of your children can learn at their own pace with personalized learning. One size really does fit all!
  • Built-in security features and locking chambers means their money is safe at home – even from mischievous siblings!
  • Even you can join in the fun by setting up their own accounts, and working with their children to reinforce the importance of saving money.

Modules for children aged 3 to 5 years