Ages 11-14 Years

Middle School Aged Children - Tweens and Teens

After growing up with the Life Hub®, your tweens are officially on their way to financial capability and young entrepreneurship; your kids are now starting to plan for their futures.  Hopefully they have learned how to set financial goals and achieve them. Possibly saving money for a new smartphone, or saving money for their first car, or expanding their business, maybe even college tuition or investing. The possibilities are endless!  With the Life Hub® Learning Center your children will become the master of their own destiny. They are becoming leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators – and our world needs all three.

Finally, a fully integrated all- inclusive learning tool that is fun and easy to use!

As a parent, we know you are busy. We also know no matter how busy life is, your children and their future success is a top concern.

That is why Life Hub®  was developed with your peace of mind, top of our minds.

  • Built in- All inclusive learning tools- nothing to add on or buy straight out of the box!
  • Simple, easy to use parental controls. You determine what your child has access to and when they are ready to expand their learning for more.
  • Independent learning or time together- either way your child will learn and grow with a fun set of activities.
  • Fully customizable means each of your children can learn at their own pace with personalized learning. One size really does fit all!
  • Built-in security features and locking chambers means their money is safe at home – even from mischievous siblings!
  • Even you can join in the fun by setting up their own accounts, and working with their children to reinforce the importance of saving money.