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We did not set out to build a computer system with software and mobile app, we set out to improve how children learn financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and career skills so they have better life opportunities.

We’d like to introduce you to Life Hub.

Life Hub is the world’s most advanced financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and career (F.L.E.C.) education technology for children aged 3 to 18.

It’s the first A.I-powered integrated practical learning computer that first empowers children aged 3 to 11 to learn financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and career development skills by engaging with real money and real business every day at home so positive behaviors are formed by their teen years. They then transition to the digital management of money with Life Hub online and Life Hub mobile app from ages 12 to 18. 

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Life Hub is
Youth F.L.E.C. Education Technology

Early Childhood to College
Financial Literacy Education

Children aged 3 to 18 first manage real physical money to form positive behaviors and transition to digital money in teen years.

Middle Childhood to College Entrepreneurship Education

Children aged 8 to 18 learn entrepreneurship by starting and managing real businesses so they will grow into creative and entrepreneurial adults.

Middle Childhood to College
Career & Trade Education

Children aged 8 to 18 learn important career and trade skills so they set a path towards an independent and successful life.

Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship
& Career (F.L.E.C) Education Technology

for children aged 3 to 18

Life Hub is a powerful financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and career education technology designed to teach kids vital skills so they lead a healthy, prosperous and successful life

Real money and real
business is the most effective way

With youth financial education, there’s simply no substitute for managing real money. In order to form positive money behaviors, children must begin engaging and learning as early as age 3. The most effective way to develop money management skills is at home with parental encouragement and guidance using the most advanced practical hands-on learning computer, online software and mobile, Life Hub Learning System.


Life Hub’s features and functions

real money. real business.
real career development.



Home-based system for daily and consistent engagement and learning where it is safe to fail in the real world



Real money management, banking and investing for real-world experiences



Real-world entrepreneurship education so children learn business and career skills



Industry’s first artificial intelligence with Alexa and Google Home voice-technology integration



Learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics for deeper acquisition of knowledge and skills



Inspires and induces frequent and
consistent engagement with a always-on
computer, online software and mobile



Syncs with mobile app empowering
children, parents, educators and
employers to connect and engage



Children aged 3 to 13 years first form positive behaviors and then transition to digital 14 to 18



Practical skills development enhances positive habit and behavior formation



Individualized learning methods and preferences allow children to learn at their own pace and style



A free app for schools empowers educators to engage with students, extending education to the real world



Gamified learning experiences provide children with significant cognitive, social and problem-solving skills

The Good Screen Time

Some technologies are void of educational
values and can in fact hinder children’s
development while other technologies enhance
and foster their development.

Life Hub is a technology that inspires and empowers children to get out of the house and do things that children used to do before the era of smartphones and video games. Activities such as performing jobs for elderly neighbors, doing chores in the backyard, volunteering in the community, starting new businesses, participating in social and civic organizations with like-minded children, helping with charity drives and going on trips to the bank, shopping in stores, and bartering for the exchange of goods, are just some of the activities Life Hub will encourage children to get out of the house and do.


Life Hub Comes with Free-Forever
Microsoft Office 365 for Education

to enhance learning experiences
and improve learning outcomes

Expert Opinions
Practical engagement is vital to effective learning

  • Es ingenuo pensar, que podríamos dar a los estudiantes de secundaria, un curso financiero y luego convertirlos en consumidores con conocimientos financieros. Los consumidores, deben aprender a presupuestar y ahorrar lo antes posible.

    Richard Thaler
    Richard Thaler Professor of Behavioral Science and Economics
  • La educación financiera, no tiene que ver con la teoría; sinó con la práctica: la información, que aprenderán los niños que realmente les proporcionará los conocimientos y los recursos para tomar decisiones astutas, con respecto a las tarjetas de crédito, los préstamos para automóviles, los préstamos hipotecarios y los presupuestos.

    Laura Ewing
    Laura Ewing Chief Executive Officer, Texas Council of Economic Education
  • La educación financiera, no tiene que ver con la teoríal; sinó con la práctica: la información que aprenderán los niños que realmente les dará el conocimiento y los recursos para tomar decisiones astutas, con respecto a: las tarjetas de crédito, los préstamos para automóviles, los préstamos hipotecarios y los presupuestos.

    Greg Medcraft
    Greg Medcraft President, Australian Securities Commission
  • Las pruebas a nivel nacional, demuestran que la persona promedio carece del conocimiento financiero básico; que se necesitan, para tomar decisiones financieras calificadas. Las pruebas, son solo un indicador del conocimiento del contenido. Pero, a diferencia de otros temas que se enseñan en la escuela, la educación financiera requiere más que solo comprender el contenido. Requiere, que los estudiantes puedan ajustar sus comportamientos financieros diarios y tener el conocimiento suficiente para tomar decisiones financieras seguras

    Vince Shorb
    Vince Shorb CEO - National Financial Educators Council
  • Los investigadores en educación, enfatizan la importancia del aprendizaje activo y los proyectos que asumen problemas del mundo real; esto también se aplica al aprendizaje de conceptos financieros. Simplemente no se puede aprender, cómo es administrar su propio dinero en un aula o con un juego; por lo que subrayó la importancia de la experiencia práctica en la educación financiera

    Alicia Dowd
    Alicia Dowd Co Director, Center for Urban Education University of Southern Cal
  • Como la mayoría de las habilidades para la vida, el aprendizaje de la educación financiera es acumulativo. No se puede esperar, que un estudiante de preparatoria tome un curso de economía de un semestre de duración y obtenga una educación financiera. El conocimiento de la alfabetización es importante, pero sin una aplicación en el mundo real, ese conocimiento es obsoleto y no está comprometido con la memoria a largo plazo.

    Kate Stokes
    Kate Stokes Director of Financial Planning, J.E. Wilson Advisors

KiwiTech Portfolio Company

Voted Top 4 Trailblazing Global
Education Projects – 2016

Words from People

      • “I would like to take the time to express my interest in having the Life Hub in my third grade-classroom. This system is genius! I think this would be a great tool to teach my students money behavior skills that will last a lifetime. I will be signing on today!”

        Tiffany Truman Teacher, Hunters Green Elementary – Tampa, Florida

      • “After spending considerable time researching and comparing the range of educational products that could best enhance Carlton Academy Day School’s progressive early childhood educational curriculum, we have come to the easy conclusion that Electus Global Education’s Life Hub Learning Center will do just that for our eager to learn preschoolers. So last week, we went ahead and placed an order for 60 systems.”

        Michael J. McGuinness Director, Carlton Academy – Tampa, Florida

      • “After knowing more about the financial tools, you have developed, as well as the social approach the company is taking, I foresee the Life Hub as complementary to what both humanitarian and development organizations are doing in the field of education. If we, as international organizations, invest in future generations by providing them with powerful and innovative tools like this one you are offering, and if they managed to use their knowledge within their own societies, I believe the results would be countries progressively overcoming the chains of poverty, generating wealth, economic growth that pave the path forward to development.”

        Luz Adriana Garcia United Nations – Geneva, Switzerland

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Nov 2018

Partner with United Nation
Sustainable Development Goals

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