“Marcus is totally in to solar energy. He spends most of his spare time thinking of things to build with mini solar panels that he buys for just $21. He is already becoming a bit of an expert in solar powered toys and gadgets but needs to learn more about business so that he can make money selling solar things on the internet. Marcus used the Knowledge module on his Life Hub® Learning Center to learn about how to launch and manage a website and is now selling 5 solar-powered toys a month via his new online business called Marcus’s Solar Gadgets.”


There’s no telling what results your kids will see when they search for something online, but you know that looking for the information they need and being able to narrow down the results are must-have skills. Knowledge is power—and your kids will learn to access a vast library of online knowledge with Life Hub® Learning Center. They’ll be able to search online resources on all topics related to money management and business. It’s the perfect way to supplement your kids’ financial literacy education.

Life Hub® Learning Center Teaches Kids How to Use Online Resources

With the Life Hub® Learning Center Media & Knowledge module, your kids learn:

  • How to access online resources including magazines, news articles, books, and videos
  • How to search for topics like personal finance, entrepreneurship, money management, and business education
  • How to make the most of their money and business ideas using information resources available to them

Allowing kids to search for and find information they need is one of the most powerful things you can do for their financial and business education. That’s because what you’re really doing is giving them the resources they need to take their inventive thoughts and ideas and turn them into money-making ventures. When your kids know how to tap the vast well of money and business knowledge available to them, the sky truly is the limit.

Life Hub grows with your child starting as young as 3 years old with tools and activities based on age-appropriate learning.
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