“The Life Hub® Learning Center is the most comprehensive system I have ever seen! My children are not only getting the real-world education, hands-on, experiential learning of the Life Hub® Software Eco-system; they also have access to access to dozens of other great products, apps, curriculums, content, challenges and even games in the Life Academy. Great programs sponsored by companies like Financial Education Economic Council, Kidprenuer, Sammyrrific, Visa and Wells Fargo. All these platforms working together for one common goal, to help ensure the financial success of my children.”

Life Academy

Experts Create. We Host and Deliver. Children Learn.

Life Academy is a hosted global marketplace for teaching and learning business and entrepreneurship knowledge skills exclusively for Life Hub® Learning Center children. Your children have access to an extensive library of business and entrepreneurship courses, syllabuses, curriculums, programs, resources, software, apps, books and literature as well as information on industry camps and events designed and provided by educators, schools, industry experts, publishers, industry organizations, software and app developers.

The Life Hub® Learning Center's Life Academy provides your children with access to an extensive library of entrepreneurship and business resources from the world's leading providers

With the Life Academy, your children acquire vital entrepreneurship and business knowledge skills from:

  • Active and retired educators
  • Schools and Universities
  • Entrepreneurship and business experts
  • Youth entrepreneurship and business programs and courses
  • Educational apps for entrepreneurship and business
  • Entrepreneurship and business books and literature
  • Entrepreneurship and business software resources
  • Youth entrepreneurship and business camps and events

Children don’t learn to walk by following rules. They learn by doing and falling over, so the saying goes. Life is full of setbacks and developing a thick skin is essential to getting through life. A good way for your children to build a good work ethic is to engage in hands-on entrepreneurship and business activities as well as learn from experts who themselves have failed and succeeded. Understanding business concepts and instruments early in life is more essential than ever. Entrepreneurship and business programs, courses, literature, apps and resources from educators and business experts can play an important role in preparing your children to be the innovators, creators and leaders of the future.

Life Hub grows with your child starting as young as 3 years old with tools and activities based on age-appropriate learning.
See the tools your child will learn with by selecting your child’s age: