“Jacob is 14 years old and loves technology and airplanes. He got an idea to build a small drone that can be sold to other kids in his neighborhood first and then online to others. He wanted to know if it was “OK” for him to make and sell drones or if he needed a special license. Next step, was to email his Life Hub advisors who were well versed in technology, and see if they could help him find his answers. Although his advisor didn’t have an instant answer for Jacob, he was able to message him a couple of days later with some good news.”


It’s impossible to be an expert on everything you need to know when you’re raising your kids. It’s unlikely that you’d have time, or the inclination, to be a nurse, teacher, coach, athlete, business expert, and entrepreneur all at the same time—and you don’t have to! Life Hub® Learning Center gives you the next best thing—the ability to create and access a network of advisers with expertise on a number of topics your kids will need help with as they grow. Think of them as your parenting squad, a stable of experts—all pre-approved by you—that your kids can turn to for specific information that helps ensure they follow the best course of action to achieve their goals on the field, in school, in business, and beyond.

Life Hub® Learning Center Gives Your Kids Access to Knowledgeable Advisors

With the Life Hub® Learning Center Advisor module, your kids learn:

  • How to access subject matter experts on a variety of useful topics related to health, sports, school, business, and life management
  • How to get personalized advice specific to decisions they’re making

Knowing when to ask for help and seeking out advice from the most knowledgeable sources available are both invaluable life lessons. So, when your kids use the Life Hub® Learning Center advisors, they’re learning those lessons, plus gaining expert advice that can help them achieve their goals and complete their projects. Who wouldn’t want a network of experts advising their kids?

Life Hub grows with your child starting as young as 3 years old with tools and activities based on age-appropriate learning.
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