Suite of Entrepreneurship Modules

We love asking children what they want to be when they grow up. We also love knowing that with Life Hub they’ll be equipped with a creative, problem-solving and entrepreneurial mind-set which will ultimately help them advance themselves and achieve their personal and financial career goals – whatever path they choose.

The Life Hub Learning Center’s suite of Entrepreneurship tools and modules provides your children with the most comprehensive and in-depth real-world learning engagements, activities and experiences. With the hand-on entrepreneurship tools included with the Life Hub, your children will learn how to:

Children Learn How To
  • Start, manage and grow a business
  • Barter and trade unwanted items
  • Find and manage job assignments
  • Raise funds via crowdfunding campaigns
  • Collaborate with others on projects
  • Make digital notes and to-do lists
  • Collect and share media content
  • Build a library of their favorite media
  • Get advise from others
  • Acquire facts and knowledge about busines


Entrepreneurship Modules


Children learn all about entrepreneurship and business utilizing the industry’s most comprehensive suite of tools for youth entrepreneurship education. Your children learn how to launch, manage and grow businesses in exciting and efficient ways. Read More


The world’s first youth jobs board is now at your children’s finger tips. Small community employers and registered neighbors post job assignments on the Jobs Board via the mobile app. Your children are notified and they accept, perform and earn the income and manage job assignments. Read More


Your children turn used and unwanted items like toys, clothes and electronics into cash or trade by posting them on a private Barter Network exclusively for Life Hub® children. Children learn the value of raising money, asset liquidation and trading in an exciting way. Read More

Hub Funding

Simply, Hub Funding is Crowdfunding exclusively for Life Hub children. Children learn how to set up and manage fund-raising campaigns to start businesses, school events, community projects or charities in an efficient and fun way using a suite of easy-to-use tools and templates. Read More


Learning how to collaborate on projects with others is crucial in today’s world. Your children can utilize Hive to safely and securely collaborate on financial, business, school and community projects with other Life Hub® children in their city and around the world. Read More

Hub Note

Parents love Evernote. Hub Note is a simplified Evernote exclusively for Life Hub® children. Your children save, curate, organize and store personal notes, business ideas, daily thoughts, sketches and even web articles in a format that is easy and fun to use and manage.
Read More


Children often have questions that parents can’t answer so Advisor provides them near real-time communication access to a registered network of experts on topics such as business and entrepreneurship. Advisor is children’s private advisory service that is monitored by parents. Read More


There’s so much good educational media that children can consume today and managing it from different places can be difficult for them. Media is centralized personal digital library that provides curation, access and storage for their magazines, books, videos and business literature. Read More

Life Academy

Life Academy is a global marketplace where children have access to an extensive library of business courses, curriculums, programs, resources, apps and books as well as information on industry camps and events from some of the leading educators, organizations and developers. Read More

Entreprenuership Skills Children Acquire

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