We Deploy A.I.
to impact
lives, communities, and the nation

Our educational technologies address some of the most
critical social and economic issues in the world today.

We deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning
technologies that speak to that one condition we all share,
the human condition. Our artificial intelligence allow
us to provide families and, educators with high-quality
and valuable data and information into early childhood
education and development that ultimately have a
transformative impact on lives, communities and the

Our artificial intelligence analyzes educational performance
data and information to improve the quality of children’s
learning today so they can live better and more secure
lives tomorrow.

We use artificial intelligence to enhance learning
experiences, improve learning outcomes and predict future
performances so families and educators can have
unprecedented insight that empowers them to encourage,
nurture and guide children’s learning and lives in
concert with our technologies.


What Life Hub’s
A.I. yields

Life Hub’s artificial intelligence delivers enhanced learning experiences, improved learning outcomes and accurate future performance predictions.

Enhanced Learning Experiences

Life Hub's A.I. enhances learning experiences by creating ultra personalized learning environments, enhanced learning engagements, adaptive learning environments, impairment assistive engagements, and captivating audio and visual outputs.

Improved Learning Outcomes

Life Hub's A.I. and machine learning improve learning outcomes with powerful learning and psychological assessment analysis, performance analysis in real-time, accurately diagnose learning disabilities, provide a more robust competency management system.

Future Performance Predictions

Past as prelude. High-frequency, habitual behaviors are more predictive than infrequent behaviors. Life Hub's A.I. predicts future performance by analyzing past performances over an extended period of time to accurately identify behavior and habit formations.

Our A.I. for good

Life Hub’s artificial intelligence creates true social and economic impact in 6 key areas.


Equality of Opportunity

Better education is the great equalizer, providing children with equal and better opportunities to succeed in life as adults.

Economic Empowerment

Our technologies provide children with powerful methods to learn vital financial management skills that ultimatley create economic empowerment.

Youth Empowerment

Our advanced technologies empower children to take charge of their lives and take action today enabling them to build better lives for tomorrow.

Social Justice

Social justice in education enables children of low-resource households to reach their full potential as those children of high-resource households.

Upward Mobility

Our A.I. powered financial and entrepreneurship education for children induces upward mobility and increases the size of the middle-class.

Educational Equality

Education equity means delivering the same quality and quantity of education to all children regardless of socio-economic statuses.

Life Hub Works
with Alexa and Google Home

Parents and grandparents simply ask their Alexa and Google Home
for information on children’s and grandchildren’s financial and
entrepreneurship learning performances and progress and get
voice answers instantly.


Life Hub gives parents and educators
critical information with

A.I. and analytics


Data is the life-blood of AI and with Life Hub, an enormous amount of data is generated from children’s financial, business and life engagements and learning every day over many years. That data and information are analyzed with AI to provide parents and educators with valuable insight into how children are learning and applying financial behaviors and skills.


Life Hub’s learning analytics analyzes children’s engagements, activities, and learning. It then provides parents and educators with the most holistic and complete insight into their children’s progress, failures, and successes. Parents and educators use the reporting tools and charts to determine how children are learning, what’s working, and what’s not.


Life Hub’s predictive analytics provides parents and educators with the ability to forecast and predict children’s future financial and performances and behaviors as adults based on their past performance and behaviors as children with money management, entrepreneurship and life management. Detailed reports are accessed via the Reports module.


Life Hub’s prescriptive analytics provides parents and educators with valuable data and information so they can follow a course of action to correct and/or improve children’s learning and skills development. Parents and educators can then intervene to provide additional help and guidance in the areas in which the child is struggling.

Buy Life Hub
$14.99 per month

Start building and securing your children future today by pre-ordering Life Hub for only $14.99 per month.

Let your children earn and save money to make the monthly payments themselves. When your child opens
an account with one of our partner banks, the monthly payments will be deducted from their account every
month and the best part, the first payment is due 60 days after your children receive their Life Hub.

It's an education technology that pays for itself every month.

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