Who We Are

Electus Global Education Co, Inc. is an education technology company based in Tampa, Florida with international offices in Birmingham, England.

We currently operate in the US and UK – however, we will be expanding the distribution of our education technology to other regions around the world in the future, including the European Union, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, and Colombia where we hold patents for our education technology.

Electus Life Education Foundation, Inc. is our non-profit philanthropic arm whose mandate and mission are to proliferate social justice and equality of opportunity for all children with our education technology.


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What We Do

The era of ineffective and deficient financial education for children is over.

After years of research and development, we have designed and developed the world’s most advanced youth financial and entrepreneurship education technology, a technology based on proven educational and psychological methods and practices.

We relied on extensive white-paper research and industry experts to develop the most effective educational technology for financial and entrepreneurship education for children.

The end result is a powerful education technology that is specifically designed for positive behavior formation in young children. Life Hub is a teach-them-how-to-fish technology that inspires and empowers them to actually fish with their own hands.




To finally alter the trajectory
of financial incapability in the
US and around the world.


For children to transition into
a financially capable and entrepreneurial adults.


  • Patricia Kampmann
    Patricia Kampmann Chief Executive Officer

    25+ year executive experiences including in technology, driving $2.6 billion in profitabilty.

  • John Seib, CFEI
    John Seib, CFEI Vice President

    Professional and leader in finance, consumer finance, and banking including for JP Morgan

  • David F. Jacobs
    David F. Jacobs Chief Financial Officer

    Financial officer for various technology, media firms and investment banks.

  • Gene Lindberg
    Gene Lindberg Vice President of Hardware

    Accomplished career as manufacturing executive for top US & EU organizations.

  • Kamal Moumneh
    Kamal Moumneh Chief Innovations Officer

    25 year career in corporate finance, consumer finance and industrial manufacturing.

  • Maksim Rutenberg
    Maksim Rutenberg Vice President- Business Development

    Career executive in educational products and services and business development


  • Alan Sukin
    Alan Sukin Chief Technology Officer

    Chief Technical Officer at various top technology orgs including Wells Fargo.

  • Kelly Mitchell
    Kelly Mitchell Director- Content Managment

    Career in educational services and gaming. Author of publications in education.

  • R. Craig Harris
    R. Craig Harris Vice President- Partner Development

    Career executive in corporate finance, insurance and business development

  • Patrick Kulp
    Patrick Kulp Chief Microsoft Instructor

    Tutor for youth on various topics and subjects including Microsoft and technology

  • Dr. Amanda N’zi
    Dr. Amanda N’zi VP of Psychology & Education

    Skilled Ph.D. child behavioral and developmental clinical psychologist.

  • Dr. Lilla Dale McManis
    Dr. Lilla Dale McManis Director of Childhood Education

    Skilled Ph.D. professional psychologist & CEO of developmental and learning practice.

  • Hugh Marthensin
    Hugh Marthensin In-House Corporate Counsel

    Experienced Florida-based business and consumer corporate lawyer.

  • Larri Sue Jones
    Larri Sue Jones In-House Non-Profit Counsel

    Experienced California-based business and nonprofit corp lawyer.

  • Anthony Rodgers
    Anthony Rodgers Vice President- Business Development

    Consumer services executive for various organizations including a national franchise chain.

Board of Advisory

  • Peter K. Scaturro
    Peter K. Scaturro Board of Advisory

    Former CEO -Citigroup Wealth. Former partner at Goldman Sachs.

  • David Clower
    David Clower Board of Advisory

    CIO – Raza Development Fund. Founder – Desert Cove Ventures, LLC.

  • Georg Philipp Ettstaller
    Georg Philipp Ettstaller Board of Advisory

    Investment banker at Credit Suisse – New York, New York.

  • San Dhillon
    San Dhillon Board of Advisory

    Head of Product at PNB Paribas, London, UK.

  • Alex Caswell CFA, CFP
    Alex Caswell CFA, CFP Board of Advisory

    Financial advisor and board member Junior Achievement, N Cal.

  • Gary Ward

    Vice president and Director of Iberia Bank, Tampa Florida.

  • Emil Anderson
    Emil Anderson Board of Advisory

    Financial and investment advisor at JP Morgan Chase.

    MARGEAUX SULLIVAN Board of Advisory

    Venture Partner at Syndicate 708. Management consultant.

  • Kunal Prakash
    Kunal Prakash Board of Advisory

    Director -Asia Pacific Equity at Citigroup – New York

  • Randall Ozder
    Randall Ozder Board of Advisory

    Chief Financial Officer at Principal Financial.

  • Dr.Joseph Jones
    Dr.Joseph Jones Board of Advisory

    President-Grounding Group, LLC. Professor-Philander Smith College

  • Michael F. Nozzolio
    Michael F. Nozzolio Board of Advisory

    New York State Senator, 1993-2017
    Partner-Harris Beach, PLLC.

  • Nicholas Glover
    Nicholas Glover Board of Advisory

    Vice President – Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce.

  • Mary M. Hunt

    25 year financial education industry expert. Author of 25 industry books.

  • Ruchi Sharma, ESQ
    Ruchi Sharma, ESQ Board of Advisory

    Investment Solutions & Wealth Management at JP Morgan Chase – NY

  • Christina Shim
    Christina Shim Board of Advisory

    Managing Director – Innovation Practice – Palladium, New York

  • Scott Hurbough
    Scott Hurbough Board of Advisory

    Executive at Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunity – University of Notre Dame.

  • Mac Gardner CFP
    Mac Gardner CFP Board of Advisory

    Banker, financial planner, education industry expert and author.

  • Dr. Mark T. Campbell
    Dr. Mark T. Campbell Board of Advisory

    Senior Director – Information Technology at Chicago White Sox

  • Teri Capshaw
    Teri Capshaw Board of Advisory

    President – Capshaw Media LLC, author and homeschool expert.

  • Myrna L. Vazquez Hernandez
    Myrna L. Vazquez Hernandez Board of Advisory

    Founder & CEO – FitWallet, LLC. – Puerto Rico

  • Braxston M. Cave
    Braxston M. Cave Board of Advisory

    Board of Directors – University of Notre Dame – Former NFL Athlete – Detriot.

  • Kyle Rudolph
    Kyle Rudolph Board of Advisory

    Pro-bowl tight-end for the Minnesota Vikings and children’s advocate.

  • John MacMichael
    John MacMichael Board of Advisory

    CISO, CISSP, CISM – Partner at Gartner Federal Security & Risk Management.

  • Peter D. Moorel
    Peter D. Moorel Board of Advisory

    President – Wild Oaks Enterprise – Management and technology consultant

  • Jeroo Billimoria
    Jeroo Billimoria Board of Advisory

    Founder – One Family Foundation and Catalyst 2030


  • Jack Schoenthaler
    Jack Schoenthaler Board of Directors

    30 years experience as business leader in the fields industrial and real estate.

  • Justin D. James P.E.
    Justin D. James P.E. Board of Directors

    Professional civil and geotechnical engineer and CEO of Florida engineering firm.

  • George W. Hunter
    George W. Hunter Board of Directors

    Former US Attorney Northern California, former executive director of NBA players’ association.

  • Larry Jones
    Larry Jones Board of Directors

    Founder – Feed the Children – Global children’s non-profit.

  • Michael Espy
    Michael Espy Board of Directors

    Former US Congressman, Secretary of Agriculture and member of Board of Directors of Hope Credit Union.


  • Phil Woolas
    Phil Woolas Senior Vice President

    Former member of British Parliament and founder for a political advisory organization.

  • Jag Gill
    Jag Gill Vice President

    Experienced owner of consumer finance and advisory services business in UK.

  • Adrian Inac
    Adrian Inac Vice President – Operations

    Founder/CEO of logistics company in the UK & European Union.

  • Andres Arias
    Andres Arias Executive Vice President

    Long career in education and a skilled university professor.

About Our


To catalyze social justice and
proliferate equality of
opportunity for all children.


For children to transition into
a financially capable and entreprenuerial adults.


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