Who We Are

Electus Global Education Co, Inc. is an education technology company based in Tampa, Florida with international offices in Birmingham, England.

We currently operate in the US and UK – however, we will be expanding the distribution of our education technology to other regions around the world in the future, including the European Union, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, and Colombia where we hold patents for our education technology.

Electus Life Education Foundation, Inc. is our non-profit philanthropic arm whose mandate and mission are to proliferate social justice and equality of opportunity for all children with our education technology.


United States


European Union






New Zealand




South Africa



What We Do

The era of ineffective and deficient financial education for
children is over.

After years of research and development, we have designed
and developed the world’s most advanced youth financial
and entrepreneurship education technology, a technology
based on proven educational and psychological methods
and practices.

We relied on extensive white-paper research and industry
experts to develop the most effective educational technology
for financial and entrepreneurship education for children.

The end result is a powerful education technology that is
specifically designed for positive behavior formation in
young children. Life Hub is a teach-them-how-to-fish
technology that inspires and empowers them to actually
fish with their own hands.




To finally alter the trajectory
of financial incapability in the
US and around the world.


For children to transition into
a financially capable and entrepreneurial adults.


  • Kamal I. Moumneh
    Kamal I. Moumneh Chief Executive Officer
  • Justin D. James P.E.
    Justin D. James P.E. President
  • Jack Schoenthaler
    Jack Schoenthaler Executive Vice President
  • Gene Lindberg
    Gene Lindberg Vice President of Manufacturing
  • John Seib
    John Seib Vice President of Business Development
  • Kostas Dimas MBA
    Kostas Dimas MBA Vice President of Business Development
  • Dr. Amanda N’zi PhD
    Dr. Amanda N’zi PhD Vice President of Psychology and Education
  • Dr. Dale McManis, MEd, PhD
    Dr. Dale McManis, MEd, PhD Director of Childhood Education
  • Hugh Marthinsen
    Hugh Marthinsen Corporate Counsel
  • Larri Sue Jones
    Larri Sue Jones General Counsel
  • Jeff Sclafani
    Jeff Sclafani Vice President of Marketing
  • Jeffery T. Harden
    Jeffery T. Harden Vice President - Marketing
  • Rustam Kiyimov
    Rustam Kiyimov Chief Software Engineer
  • Roland Craig Harris
    Roland Craig Harris Board of Advisory
  • Dr. Mark T. Campbell
    Dr. Mark T. Campbell Board of Advisory
  • Dr. Steven L. Siegel
    Dr. Steven L. Siegel Board of Advisory
  • Mark R. Cooley
    Mark R. Cooley Board of Advisory
  • Amit Goyal
    Amit Goyal Board of Advisory
  • Alan J. Sukin MBA
    Alan J. Sukin MBA Board of Advisory
  • Dr. John Jacobs PhD
    Dr. John Jacobs PhD Board of Advisory
  • Dr. Rondall R. Rice PhD
    Dr. Rondall R. Rice PhD Board of Advisory
  • Ted Hillison
    Ted Hillison Board of Advisory
  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin Board of Advisory
  • Larry Jones
    Larry Jones Board of Directors
  • George William Hunter
    George William Hunter Board of Advisory
    • Jag Singh
      Jag Singh Executive Vice President - United Kingdom
    • Adrian Ianc
      Adrian Ianc Vice President of Operations - United Kingdom
    • Andres Arias
      Andres Arias Vice President of Education - United Kingdom
    • Phil Woolas
      Phil Woolas Senior Vice President - United Kingdom
    • Dr. Omar Fisher
      Dr. Omar Fisher Vice President - MENA & Asia
    • Nelson Molano
      Nelson Molano Vice President - Latin America
    • Osceola Delgado
      Osceola Delgado Administrative Manager

    About Our


    To catalyze social justice and
    proliferate equality of
    opportunity for all children.


    For children to transition into
    a financially capable and entreprenuerial adults.


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