The Revolutionary
Life Hub Learning Center

World’s first all-in-one computer system that combines real-world money management, entrepreneurship and life management practical learning with a sweeping eco-system of 23 financial, entrepreneurship and life management modules.

Data Analyst

Real Money Management.

Real Entrepreneurship.

Real Life Management.

Data Analyst

Practical Skills.

Knowledge Skills.

Positive Behaviors.

Data Analyst

3-14 Years.

7 Learning Styles.

Four Users.

Money Management

Children manage real money every day at an early age as they grow up forming positive financial behaviors by their teenage years


Children learn entrepreneurship by starting and managing real businesses so they grow into creative, resolute and entrepreneurial adults

Life Management

Children learn important life skills so they can manage their lives well, helping them become responsible and independent adults

A far-reaching eco-system of 23 financial, entrepreneurship and
life management modules that give children the most
powerful hands-on learning experience

The Life Hub’s formula for financial and entrepreneurship
learning success

AGES 3 TO 14

For children aged 3 to14 years old but start at 3 to form positive behaviors by teenage years


Inspire and captivate with a advanced hands-on, fully-integrated technology


Learn at home daily where it is safe-to-fail before the real world


Use and manage real money with a fun and motivating visible storage banks


Tools for real-world knowledge and behaviors that develop life skills


Integrates with schools to extend education to the real world


Powerful parental controls with real-time monitoring and easy-to-read progress reports


Individualized learning methods and preferences so children learn at their own pace and way


Predictive technologies, learning analytics and artificial intelligence with voice-tech integration


Links entrepreneurship with money management so that children manage real businesses


Mobile integration for children, parents, educators and employers


Visual and hearing impairment assistive technology for disabled children

The Life Hub

They learn and master
skills by doing

Practical engagement that excites young minds as they control their own lives, learning and progress

Advanced technology
to engage and learn

Advanced technology that Inspires them to engage, explore, experiment, probe, discover, play, manage and learn

A comprehensive
eco-system of learning modules

Powerful modules that empower them to manage real money and businesses everyday real money

Industry’s first
artificial intelligence

Youth financial and entrepreneurship education artificial intelligence that powers deeper learning and the acquisition of skills and positive behaviors

What do the expert say?

Practical hands-on engagement is vital to effective learning

Words from People and Organizations

“I was amazed at what I saw on your website. I have a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. I worry about their future and see this as an amazing opportunity for them to learn and find themselves. This would show many more opportunities then I ever could for them. I want to believe that school would help, but I know that there is only so much time in day for that teacher. I would want this system in my home and also would love if schools would integrate this into their curriculum.”
Julimar Neighbors
Working Mother of Two – Tampa, Florida

“After spending considerable time researching and comparing the range of educational products that could best enhance Carlton Academy Day School’s progressive early childhood educational curriculum, we have come to the easy conclusion that Electus Global Education’s Life Hub Learning Center will do just that for our eager to learn preschoolers. So last week, we went ahead and placed an order for 60 systems.”
Michael J. McGuinness
Director, Carlton Academy – Tampa, Florida

“After knowing more about the financial tools, you have developed, as well as the social approach the company is taking, I foresee the Life Hub as complementary to what both humanitarian and development organizations are doing in the field of education. If we, as international organizations invest in future generations by providing them with powerful and innovative tools like this one you are offering, and if they managed to use their knowledge within their own societies, I believe the results would be countries progressively overcoming the chains of poverty, generating wealth, economic growth that pave the path forward to development.”    Luz Adriana Garcia
United Nations – Geneva, Switzerland

“I’m a home-school mom who is jumping for joy to have this in my home. As much as I try, my children do not understand the value of a dollar. I believe this would help my 10, 8, 5-year-old in so many ways. There is not a tool or book out there that helps any teacher create a simulation that is real life for kids to learn from the like this one! I cannot wait to bring this home!”
Rhonda Bonds
Home School Mom – Tampa, Florida

“I would like to take the time to express my interest in having the Life Hub in my third grade-classroom. This system is genius! I think this would be great tool to teach my students money behaviors skills that will last a lifetime. I will be signing on today!”
Tiffany Truman
Teacher, Hunters Green Elementary – Tampa, Florida

Voted one of best companies – 2017

Voted top 4 trailblazing global education projects – 2016

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